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Ported and Polished Cylinder heads

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What some people have said about my handy work

XR2rep from XRtwo.com

I got the head back yesterday and it is spot on.
Inlet ports are all the same, well worked valve throats and the finish is just right for maintaining 
some turbulant airflow with being too rough.

Exhaust ports are all equally proportioned as above and are nicely polished for good airflow.

Valve seats shaped well and valves nicely polished and seated.

I've seen a few worked heads and this is one of the best by far. 

At £120 less then the nearest competitor and £400 cheaper than burton you really can't go wrong.
Thanks so much Andy the pictures seriously don't do it any justice. Can't wait to get the engine finished now and mapped.

My engine you did the st head for made 283 bhp (245 bhp @ the wheels) in a st170 on jenveys and emerald ecu with standard st170 exhaust manifold and cat converter. I'm waiting on pics etc. of it all fitted.
End spec was 
11.8:1 C/R 
CFM billet oil pump gears 
Lightened and knife-edged crankshaft 
TTV flywheel and clutch 
Fully balanced bottom end inc. clutch assy 
ACL Heavy duty aluglide bearings 
ARP bolts (connecting rod bolts, main cap studs, flywheel bolts)
Std. Shot peened steel rods 
Stage 3 head with piper up-rated valve springs Piper BP300 cams (284° in / 278° ex, 11.44mm lift in / 10.60mm lift ex) 
Std. Pistons pocketed to suit
Bores honed and new ford rings fitted
Lifters shimmed to suit 
Kent cams exhaust pulley 
VVT blocked
Shame I sold it, would have gone well in the fiesta