A.L. Developments

Fabrication and Engineering in Motorsport, 

CNC machining and fabrication, 

Ported and Polished Cylinder heads

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We also do

Lightening & Balance Flywheels.

Connecting Rod Modifications i'e 
Oil jet drilling, Bushing, Machining big & Little ends.

Crankshaft Modifications and Repairs 
i'e Grinding & Tuffriding etc.

Cylinder head repairs
 Skimming and Pressure testing.

Block Modifications i'e 
Ford Zetec for Turbo conversion i'e Silver, Black and ST170 for Turbo conversions
 Ford ZVH ( CVH head on Zetec short block ) 
2.0 to 2.3 I4 conversion
 2.2 stroker block conversions for VAG 20v 1.8T engine 
also Rebores, Cross hatch hone, skimming, Extra breather modifications.

Custom Inlet manifolds/8 Injector manifolds and Throttle body/Throttle bodies conversions
 Motor bike throttle bodies and bike carb conversions for cars engine
Adaptors for bike carb's/ITB's to use Jenvey Trumpets

Piston modifications i'e 
Skimming, Valve pockets.

Custom adaptor plates.

Custom breather fittings.

Brake disc and caliper fitting kits

Custom fuel injector holders and rail holders.

Modified valve covers/Rocker cover i'e 
Extra breather

Sump modifications
 Dry sump modifications
Dry sump modifications for FWD Zetec/ZVH

Custom Strut Braces

Beam and Track control arm modifications i'e 
adjustable, stiffening, & Custom

Modified water pumps i'e 
CVH to Zetec engine conversion pump, Electrical water pump housing modifications

Plus loads more, Please contact us for prices